Disbelief in Mitchell, OR

I can’t even write this post right now because my heart feels too big, too expansive. There is too much joy in me and if I try to explain it, it’s going to come out all overwrought.

It is a (very) small desert town that will, for sure, be a larger desert town in the coming years. The painted hills are nearby; I think I may head that way tomorrow. The hostel is unbelievably beautiful, and the couple who own it are alive and committed to a life in God in a way that seems true, practical, humble, and genuinely at peace. They work hard for this place, and it shows. The energy is pure and devoid of pretense. The spirit of generosity and joy is just unbelievable. I’m listening to this amazing super synthy song I found a couple days ago that is throwing me even further off a cliff.

I’ll write more tomorrow, but I needed to make an update and say that following the breadcrumbs on my path has led me to the exact place I need to be right now. I can’t remember the last time I felt so warm and open.

I wish you all nothing but everything.

– lish

location: Mitchell, OR

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